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When dealing with furniture, you run into all types of materials, including very fragile things like
glass, antique wood, ceramics, and other home d├ęcor. So when you have to deal with furniture shipping, especially out of state furniture shipping or international furniture shipping, you have to know what to look for to keep your things safe. Furniture ShippingThe very first thing you have to decide is, do you want to rent a vehicle and ship it yourself? Or do you want to pay a shipping company, and trust them to do it safely? To make this decision, you should first look at cost. How much will it cost YOU to rent a truck, pay for gas, and pay for the materials to pack your furniture in to keep it safe? You are most likely looking at needing things like bubble wrap, boxes, maybe packing peanuts, industrial size and strength saran wrap, and packing tape for materials. Then you have to look at how big of truck you will need, and how far you will be traveling. Once you add it all up,you will most likely be paying more than you would pay a shipping company.  Furniture Shipping CompaniesFurniture Shipping companies usually have very specific rates, which do tend to be a little higher for out of state furniture shipping and international furniture shipping. What you should look for in a good furniture shipping company is,first and foremost, furniture safety. It is necessary to ask them exactly how they plan on packing your things, what materials they will use, and what extra steps they will take to ensure the safe delivery of your furniture. That is what they get paid to do. Also, make sure to ask about insurance on your things. Find out how much it costs to insure everything, what the insurance will reimburse you in the event of lost, damaged or stolen goods, and what, EXACTLY, the insurance will cover. Next, ask about delivery times and guarantees. Most places will have a guarantee that your furniture will be delivered on time or you get a discount of some sort.When choosing a shipping company, look for a place that has this guarantee. It may save you some money, or will at least guarantee that you get what you want.Finally, once you've decided on two or three companies that sound great, ask about price. Once you get quotes from all three, pick your favorite. If your favorite happens to be the higher priced of the three, tell them about the other company that offered the same benefits, but was much cheaper. Most places these days will price match, and guarantee you the lowest price on the market. Out of state and international shipping costs will be higher, international especially, due to the fact that everything will have to be specially packed for flight or marine transfer. However, there are several companies out there that will take care of all this for you as well. Just follow the same guidelines as written above.