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What Is The Difference Between A Dissertation And An Essay?

Here are a few differences between a dissertations and essays.

Level of Study
This is almost an obvious conclusion. The level of study differentiates a thesis writer from an essay composer. Essays are for lower grades and are in fact written immediately you comprehend writing. However, dissertations are for PhD level where a lot of intense learning and writing takes place. As will be demonstrated later, the reward for each will differ.

Intensity of Research
The intensity of study between the two papers also differentiates them. To begin with, essays are usually a few pages and the topic does not point at a lot of information being required. Thesis writing requires intense research that might even include field work and data analysis. This is why most students at PhD get help writing dissertation from ThesisHelpers or other sources while it might not be mandatory for an essay. If your PhD paper features shallow research, it will be dismissed at proposal level.

You will be required to defend your PhD paper as opposed to an essay. Essays are marked and graded for your end of year score. The content of your paper will determine your grade. This is different when dealing with theses. You have to defend your thesis at PhD level. This happens in front of a panel that assesses both your script and the words you are using in your defense. In case the panel is unsatisfied with your performance, you will be asked to repeat, unlike an essay where you will just receive a poor grade. This makes preparation for defense as important as the process of drafting. You should get dissertation help preparing for defense from your tutor or writing services.

The rewards for a PhD paper and those of an essay vary by a wide margin. A PhD paper will earn you a Doctor of Philosophy while an essay will only earn you a score that goes into your performance at the end of the year. This is why you are required to take several essays yet you only write one PhD dissertation.

The structure of an essay also differs with that of a PhD paper. A thesis features such sections as abstract, a proposal, literature review, references and appendices. An essay could be as small as five paragraphs that signal a single chapter.

There are more tips on differentiating these two papers from professional dissertation services online. You will also learn about the similarities that will make your writing easy when you realize that you have dealt with similar papers in the past. Consult reliable professionals to make the process of writing easier.